Terms and Conditions

  1. Lesson

All lessons are level-based classes, homeroom teachers, and native teachers will be in charge (excluding Japanese teacher classes). 1 lesson is 50 minutes (40 minutes for kindergarten 1st grade classes and 40 minutes for Pre-K classes) The number of lessons is basically 46 times a year, but you can add lessons as many times as you like. If the number of lessons is less than 46 times a year, etc., the number of lessons will be adjusted. (See the lesson calendar for details.)

Teachers are responsible for each schools.


  1. Tuition fee

Monthly tuition system, automatic withdrawal will be made on the 27th of the month (or the next business day if the financial institution falls on a holiday) (eg April 27th). Only the free course is prepaid.

In addition, a withdrawal fee of 123 yen will be withdrawn each month along with the monthly tuition. In addition, a registration fee of 330 yen will be withdrawn for the first time only. It usually takes about two months to complete the procedure. Please pay by bank transfer until the procedure is completed. If you join in the middle of the month, you can pay only for the number of lessons you took in the first month. Failure to pay the tuition fee may result in refusal of the course.

*Two or more discounts cannot be combined for any price.

*For all discounts, those who join in the middle of the month will be applied from the next month.

*The transfer fee will be borne by the student.


  1. Admission fee

If you join as a family, only one person will be charged the admission fee. If a family member of a student who is already enrolled is a new member, there is no enrollment fee.

If you quit from membership or resume lessons after a break of 12 months or more, you will be required to pay the enrollment fee again.

Admission fee is non-refundable.


  1. Annual textbook fee (junior high school students and younger)

JHS Course and Kids Course start new teaching materials every April. Payment will be made together with the first tuition fee.

Kids course: about 7,700 yen to 9,500 yen JHS student course: about 5,000 yen *The amount may change depending on the textbook used.


  1. Annual materials fee (including miscellaneous expenses) * High school students and above

Adult classes (high school students and above) use our school’s original curriculum for each level. An annual materials fee of 6,600 yen is to be paid once a year in April. If you join in the middle of the year, monthly discounts are available only for the first year. All courses are non-refundable. This annual material fee includes miscellaneous expenses such as printing, and operation and management expenses.

  1. Make-up lesson

You can book a make-up lesson if you register and contact us by midnight the day before the lesson. Please register using the online reservation system. Alternatively, please contact us by e-mail or telephone (answering machine is acceptable).

Make-up lessons must be taken before the deadline (see below). After the deadline, the unattended classes will be forfeited. If you cancel on the day of your lesson, you will not be able to take a make-up lesson. Canceled lessons cannot be refunded. A reserved make-up lesson cannot be rescheduled.

If you have no choice but to ask us to change the lesson due to sudden illness of the instructor or bad weather, please take a make-up lesson. The deadline for this make-up lesson is 3 months. Please see below for deadlines for make-up lessons. Please note that the Pre-K course cannot be changed.


<Deadline for a make-up lesson>

21 days from date of absence

However, for private courses, 3 months from the date of absence from the lesson

  1. Family discount

¥1,100 off the monthly tuition.

  1. Referral discount

If you introduce a friend after joining, both the new member and the introducer will receive a discount of 3,300 yen per introduction. In addition, it is necessary for new enrollees to provide an introduction (one person) at the time of enrollment. The referral discount can be used up to twice a month.

Please contact the reception for details.


  1. Advance payment system

If paying for 12 months at once from April to the end of March of the following year: 10% discount

If you make a lump sum payment from any month after May to the end of March of the following year: 3% discount

*If you quit from the membership in the middle, the amount before the discount will be settled and a cancellation fee of 1,100 yen will be charged.

Please note that the Break system cannot be used during the Advance payment period.


  1. Quit/Break

If you wish to quit or take a break, please notify us at least 30 days before the desired date. If you quit or take a break in the middle of the month, the tuition fee for the final month can be paid by the number of lessons. No charges will be incurred during the break, but you can choose a paid option if you wish.

<Break Option>

2,475 yen/month Keeping missed make-up lessons

Half price of monthly tuition/month Keep your seat in the registered class


  1. Privacy policy

Modern English complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information regarding the handling of customer personal information.

We may send information, promotions, surveys, etc. from our school to the e-mail address and contact information you have provided. Please be sure to let us know if there is any change in the information you have provided, such as your address or phone number. Videos and photos taken during lessons may be used for internal training purposes. Please note. Others will not be used without permission.

Photos and videos taken at lessons, events, etc. may be posted on the Internet such as SNS for promotion etc. It will be processed and posted so that individuals cannot be identified. The photos and videos provided on the student page are not edited. Other classmates are also shown, so please only watch at home. Posting on the Internet such as SNS is strictly prohibited.


  1. Others

You may be asked to quit from membership if you engage in behavior that interferes with classes or management, such as nuisance or class interruption.

If payment of the monthly tuition is delayed for more than 3 months, we may stop offering lessons.

The school is not responsible for any troubles between students. In case of unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, classes may be canceled or closed.



Supplementary Provisions

These Terms and Conditions shall come into effect on April 1, 2023.

This agreement is subject to change and revision at any time.

Display based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law

[Business name] Modern English Co., Ltd.

[CEO] Simon Charles Moran

[Location] 5-20 Koriencho, Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture 573-0086

[Phone] 072-835-5259

【e-mail】 [email protected]

[Business] Providing online foreign language conversation lessons and related businesses

[Lesson fee]

Fixed price course (high school students and above) ¥22,550 Monthly tuition system 4 times a month Day of the week, time, teacher fixed system Weekdays until 18:00

Fixed price course (high school students and above) ¥40,150 Monthly tuition system 4 times a month Fixed day, time, and teacher weekdays after 18:00 and Saturdays

Fixed price course (junior high school students and younger) ¥22,550 Monthly tuition system 4 times a month Fixed day, time, teacher Weekdays and Saturdays

4-time course ¥ 20,350 Reservation required, teacher cannot be specified Course period is 6 weeks

8 lessons ¥37,950 Reservation required, teacher cannot be specified Course period is12 weeks

12 lessons ¥53,350 Reservation required, teacher cannot be specified Course period is 18 weeks

*All prices include tax. The deadline for the number course is counted from the first lesson day.


[Other required fees]


Material fee: ¥110 per lesson for the frequency course, ¥440 per month for the fixed price course (tax included).

[Refund/Cancellation] If you notify us of your intention to cancel within 8 days from the date of payment and before the course period, we will refund the amount minus the refund fee of 1,500 yen (excluding tax). If you apply after the course period, we will refund the amount after deducting the lessons you have taken and the refund fee of 1,500 yen (excluding tax).

[How to apply] This website, e-mail, phone

[Enquiry method] Please contact us from “Enquiries” on this site.

[Payment method] Credit card payment, bank transfer

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