Access – Hankyu Bus 175/176 from “Onohara Minami” bus stop

The school is just a short walk from the Onohara Minami bus stop on the Hankyu Bus routes 175 and 176. Opposite Kansai Supermarket, follow the footpath between the car park and the Italian restaurant (the footpath snakes slightly to the left on the way) and you will see the classroom in front of you. The entrance is on the right, then the next left. It is on the second floor, up the stairs. Parking is available on the ground floor of the building, in the two spaces on the right.

Onoharahigashi 3-1-16 , Minoh City.(Google Maps)

Teacher profile

Rosaline M. Singleton(Randi)

ロザリン M シングルトン(ランディ)

From America

I’m a TEFL/TESOL qualified . She has taught English at many schools and companies, including international schools and kindergartens in Japan.

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