Kids course (elementary school students)

The English-only lessons are designed to develop “the ability to understand in English”, without replacing the Japanese language with English.

“Japanese teacher classes” where you can also prepare for Eiken.

*Courses may vary depending on the school.

In order for the kids to have fun learning English, we try various things in the lessons.

Get 21st Century Skills!

4 skills 5 areas

English education will be compulsory in elementary schools from the 2020 academic year.

English education was changed to foreign language activities in 3rd and 4th grades, and English as a subject in 5th and 6th grades.

As a result, the four skills “speaking”, “listening”, “reading”, and “writing”, and “speaking” include two areas of “conversation and other interactions with others” and “summarizing and presenting one’s own opinions”. The goal is to master a total of 5 areas.

This is effectively practiced in Modern English lessons.

A “different from others” Modern English kids lesson



Literally translated, it means ‘the thing that binds the work in a file’. The works and assignments that the children made during the learning process are stored in files. Each month, the theme is decided, and through activities that are a little different from textbooks and learning that acquires imagination and thinking power, students will think and achieve their own tasks.


Class Competition

It’s a class competition.

Over the course of several months, students will challenge various goals through class competition. Each week, you will receive points from your teacher depending on how well you have achieved your goals.

They advance their piece on the “Class Competition” poster for the points they receive each week.

We have prizes for the winning team.


bokoco reading library

An online reading library to help you improve your reading skills in fun way.

During the lesson, we will read aloud using a projector or tablet.

You can watch and read the picture book as much as you like at home, and when you play it with audio, the letters will be colored.

You can check how many words and grammar your child have learned since the vocabulary and grammar of the books your child has read are recorded as data.

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