Services for corporations and organizations

We dispatch teachers to companies, organizations, circles, cultural centers, events, etc.

Ideal for company benefits, employee training, or those who find it difficult to attend school!

Since 1998, we have been involved in developing English skills in various fields such as various types of companies, trade, hotels, the travel industry, the pharmaceutical industry, translators, doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc.

English is the common language of commerce and is essential for the future of business.

We offer a completely customized system where we will visit you at the designated place and ask you about your wishes, such as the number of people in the class and the content of the class.
A native English teacher who is a professional of English instruction supports the improvement of English with solid skills and appropriate guidance in classes using only English. We will respond to your specific goals and requests, such as daily English conversation, business English, presentations, preparation for overseas business trips, etc.

Step 1: Please contact us by phone and make a reservation.

Step 2: Talk to our bilingual staff about what kind of lesson you would like. A qualified teacher will come to you to analyze your company’s needs.

Step 3: We will customize the course to suit your needs.

Step 4: Start lessons.

Step 5: We will provide periodic reports on your progress and future directions.


We also offer lessons such as general English conversation and English conversation skill improvement as part of welfare programs.
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