Our main office is at the Korien branch. All enquiries are welcome.


2-3 Floor, Hirata Building,
Korien-cho 5-20, Hirakata-shi,
Osaka 573-0086


Tel +81 (0)72-835-5259

Directions From Korien Station

Our head school and offices are a short walk from Korien Station on the Keihan Line.

The Keihan Line can be taken most conveniently from Yodoyabashi or Kyobashi. The Midosuji Line connects to Yodoyabashi and the Loop Line to Kyobashi.

Take an express (22-minute journey) or sub-express (15 minutes) train, making sure the train stops at Korien. Come out the only ticket gate and turn to the right, doubling back on yourself and head towards Frest supermarket. To the left is an ATM and an exit.

Take this exit and cross over the footbridge, above some parking. Opposite is Kansai University Hospital – marked by a cross on the map (enlarge to see clearly) – and a tall tower block. To the right is a bus terminal and shopping small mall with a Family Mart. Turn left and cross over the crossing to the right. The main road goes downhill. Go up the slope and take the pedestrian-only path away to the right, alongside a cemetery, with a tall, new apartment building on the left. Opposite the end of this road is a hairdresser, First Stage. Our school is on the second floor in that building, and our offices on the third.

It should take about 90 seconds. If you have any problems finding us, please call the office on 072-835-5259.

Our telephone hours:
Monday to Saturday: 10:30-19:00