korien_jan26_wikimediacommons“He’s really spoiled. His parents give him whatever he wants.”
“Her parents really spoiled her, and then when she went to college she was upset that the teachers actually made her work.”

You spoil someone, usually a child or a pet, when you give them everything they want without making them follow rules or work for things. It’s the same word we use for when food spoils. To express the same meaning with a more positive word, say someone is “pampered”.


子供やペットを甘やかすと、ルールに従わなくても、働かなくても、何でも欲しい物を与えてしまいます。食べ物を「腐らせる」という意味の単語と同じです。もっと良い響きの単語で同じ様なことを言うなら pampered が良いでしょう。