korien_aug18“My legs are really sore after all that walking yesterday.”

If your legs are sore, it means your legs hurt. Soreness is a certain kind of pain. It’s not so intense, and often comes from muscle pain after getting more exercise than usual, but can also be caused by other things, such as illness or injury. In some circumstances, even your emotions can be “sore” (as in when someone tells you, “Aw, don’t be sore about it,” when they want you to forgive them for something).


脚が sore とは、脚が痛いということです。 Sore は痛みの一種で、それほど激しくない痛みです。運動した後の筋肉痛によく使いますが、病気や怪我の痛みに使うこともあります。場合によって感情の痛みに使うこともあります。許して欲しいときに「まだそんなこと気にしているの」と言ったりします。