korien_dec1“Welcome to Sandy’s Sandwiches. I’ll be your server today.”
“This food is awful! I can’t believe you serve this garbage.”

A waiter or waitress can be called a server, because they bring food to the customers. You might also serve food to your family or guests in your house. Any meal or drink you give someone as a host is something you serve, and it also refers to the act of dishing out the food and putting it on the table in front of them.


料理をお客様のところまで運ぶ、つまり serve するのでウエーターは server とも呼ばれます。お家で家族やお客さんに料理を出すのも serveです。基本的に主催者として出す食事や飲み物を serve すると言いますが、取り分けてテーブルに置くことも serve と言います。