korien_sept8“A man appeared in the door, and he was holding a gun!”
“Hold my bag while I buy my ticket.”
“Can I hold the baby?”
“The cat doesn’t like to be held.”

To hold something is to keep it in your hand or hands. You can have something without holding it, if it belongs to you but it’s not in your hands. You can hold something that belongs to someone else, but you still have it right now if you are holding it. You can hold abstract things like rights without using your hands.


hold するとは、何かを手で持つことです。自分の物だけれど、今は手に持っていないなら、have と言えても hold とは言えません。他人の物を手に持っていたら、持ち主は have で、今だけ自分も have です。権利など抽象的なものは手を使わなくても hold できます。