“Please rake all the leaves in the yard into a pile.”

In autumn, leaves fall off the trees and pile up all over the ground. If someone talks about raking up leaves, you know they mean the fallen leaves. If they say the leaves are pretty, they probably mean the leaves that are still on the trees. To be clear, you can say “fallen leaves” or “dead leaves”. “Fallen leaves” sounds more poetic.


秋には葉が木から落ちて、いたるところに積もります。葉をかき集めると言うと、落ち葉だとわかります。「葉が綺麗」と言うと、まだ落ちていない黄葉のことを指している場合もありますので、はっきりするために「落ち葉 fallen leaves」や「枯れ葉 dead leaves」と言います。「落ち葉」のほうが詩的ですね。