Dad: “I thought the vampire was really scary!”
Daughter: “Daddy, you’re a scaredy-cat.”

Have you ever seen a cat that was startled jump in the air and fluff up its fur? Sometimes cats can be scared of harmless things. Perhaps that’s why we call people who are often afraid “scaredy-cats”. But it isn’t a nice thing to say to someone!


猫がびっくりして毛を逆立てながら跳び上がっているところを見たことがありますか?猫はたまに何でもない事に怖がりますね。多分、これが怖がる人を「怖がり猫 scaredy-cats」と呼ぶ由来でしょうか。ちょっと失礼な言い回しですので使うときはご注意を!