Business man with a book on white“Your progress will be reviewed on a monthly basis so we can be sure you’re proceeding in the right direction.”

If something happens on a monthly basis, it happens once a month. You can also do something on a daily, weekly or yearly basis, if you do it once a day, once a week or once a year. If something happens on a regular basis, it happens often or after a set period of time (but we don’t know how long that time is).


「Monthly basis」で何かが起こるという意味はつまり毎月一回起こるということです。毎日、毎週、毎年のバージョンもあります。定期的に起こるということは、一定の期間を置いて起こることを意味しますが、どれくらいの期間、時間かはわかりません。