Child: How come things fall down and not up?

Parent: Are those my keys? Don’t drop them down there! Argh! What did you do that for?

Child: I wanted to see if it would fall up.

“How come?” is another way to ask “why?” It asks the reason something happens. “How come the sky is blue?” “How come you missed my birthday party?”

“What for?” is another way to ask “why?” but it asks the purpose rather than the reason. “I need to use the computer.” “What for?” “To find out how come the sky is blue.”




「How come?」は「なぜ」の別の言い方です。何かが起こる理由をきくのに使います。「なぜ空は青いですか?」「なんで私の誕生日パーティーに来なかったの?」

「What for?」も「なぜ」の別の言い方ですが、理由ではなく目的をききます。「コンピュータが使いたい。」「なんで?」「空がなぜ青いなのかを調べるんだ。」