“Learning Japanese is so hard! I don’t feel like I’m making any progress.”

“Don’t worry. Keep studying and practicing, and you’ll learn it bit by bit.”

A bit can mean “a little” or “a small piece of something bigger”. “Bit by bit” describes something that happens very slowly but steadily. A human can eat a cookie quickly in a few bites, but if ants find a cookie, they must carry it away bit by bit.



「Bit」は「少し」や「大きいものの小さな一部」の意味があります。「Bit by bit」というのはゆっくりちょっとずつだけど止まらないことです。たとえば、人間だったら一、二口でクッキーを食べることができるけど、アリがクッキーをみつけたらちょっとずつ持っていくしかありません。