korien_sept10“Laughter is the best medicine” is a saying about how laughing can help you heal. Positive emotions seem to help people heal faster. However, when studying the healing powers of positive emotions, we should try to tell the difference between people healing better because they are happy, and people being happy because they have more support, which also helps them heal. And of course, yelling at people for not being happy doesn’t really help them to be happier. But telling them a good joke might help distract them and make them feel happier at the same time!

Laughter is the best medicine (笑いは百薬の長)とは、笑うことが治ることにつながるということわざです。前向きな気持ちは治りを早めるらしいです。ポジティブな感情を研究する際、幸せだから早く治る人と、早く治るように支えてもらえることで幸せな人を区別しなければいけません。もちろん、幸せになりなさい!と怒鳴っても幸せにはなれません。でも面白い冗談を言うと、悩みを忘れて幸せな気分になるかもしれませんね。