“He still hasn’t given up? He’ll never get that terrible book published.”
“Hope springs eternal.”

Have you ever heard the phrase “Hope springs eternal”? “Hope” is easy to understand. “Eternal” means “forever”. “Spring” here is not the season, or “jump”, but more like water bubbling up from the ground in a spring. He will never give up hope because it comes from a limitless source.


Hope springs eternal というフレーズを聞いたことがありますか?Hope は「希望」なので簡単ですね。 Eternal は「永遠」です。 Spring は「春」でも「跳ぶ」でもなく、泉から水が湧き出るイメージです。彼の希望は無限に湧き出てくるので決してあきらめないでしょう。