“I’m calling him on the phone.”

“I’m talking to him on the phone.”

What’s the difference between these sentences? In the first sentence, I am dialing his number on the phone, but he hasn’t answered the phone yet. In the second sentence, he has already answered and we have started our conversation. “Calling” is the part where you make a connection over the phone line. “Talking” is the actual conversation. Also, “call” needs an object (“I’m calling Jeff”) while “talk” doesn’t (“I’m talking on the phone”).

“Did you tell Jeff about it?”
“No. I’m just calling him now.”

“Would you be quiet? I’m talking on the phone!”


これらの文章の違いは何でしょう?初めの文章はダイヤルしている途中で、まだ相手が電話に出ていません。2つ目は相手が電話に出て、すでに会話が始まっています。 Call は相手の電話につながる途中で、talk は実際に会話中です。また、call には目的語が必要です。「ジェフに電話をかける」の部分は talk には必要ありません。