“John Smith, a.k.a. the Springfield Bandit, was arrested yesterday.”

“A.k.a.” stands for “also known as”. We use it to tell another name of a person or thing. For example, it can be used with nicknames, pen names or aliases. However, when the additional information is not really a name, but a description, it’s better to use “i.e.” instead, as in, “This is a device that tells time, i.e. a clock.”


「A.k.a.」は「~とも呼ばれる also known as」の頭文字をとったものです。人や物の別名・別称を言うのに使います。例えば、ニックネーム、ペンネーム、仮名など。ですが、追加したい情報が名称ではなく説明の様な場合は、「i.e.」を使ったほうがいいです。例えば、「これは時間を教える道具、つまり時計です」