happyvalleyWe are delighted to announce our newest videos, now uploaded to our YouTube channel – Happy Valley TV.

1 – The Hello Song.
2 – The Goodbye Song.
3 – The Phonics Song.

Classroom Tip
The Hello Song, Goodbye Song and Phonics song are ones we use in class each day. If you have a tablet or computer in your classroom, try letting Kinka and Pinka lead the greeting by having students do the songs with the video. After, everyone can greet each one another with Hello and Goodbye. For the Phonics Song likewise, let kids do the song and dance with Kinka and then do activities and games with you and their classmates.

At Home Tip
Before doing homework, play the Hello Song and greet your child in English. Then, do the Student Book homework. After, play the Phonics Song. Sing and do the gestures with Kinka, before doing the phonics homework. Finally, play the Goodbye song and greet your child saying, “Goodbye.” This ends English time. Making this a routine is a nice way for you and your child to enjoy English together, which all teachers will tell you improves not only yours but especially your child’s English. Have fun!

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1 – The Hello Song.
2 – The Goodbye Song.
3 – The Phonics Song.



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