Bob: Ugh, what a day. Eight hours without a break. And the customers were just terrible.
Frank: It sounds like you aren’t enjoying your job.
Bob: Well, it pays the bills, but it’s just until my ship comes in.

Imagine you own a ship that has sailed off to a distant country and is coming back loaded with treasure: gold, spices, silk and other valuable items. Right now you might not have money, but when your ship arrives you will be rich! People who don’t own a ship say this to mean “when I get lucky and become successful.”


想像してください。あなたは船を持っていて、その船が遠い国に旅立ちました。船が戻るときには宝物をたくさん運んできます。金、スパイス、絹など高価なものばかりです。今はお金がなくても、船が戻ったらお金持ち!船を持っていない人でも「成功したら」という意味でUntil my ship comes inと言います。