“I’ve been working so much overtime to finish this project that it’s hard to spend any quality time with my family, even on the weekends.”

“Quality time” is special time spent together with people you love. We usually think of quality time as time spent doing something special, such as going to the park or beach, when everything has to be perfect. But the pressure to make it perfect can stop you enjoying spending time with your loved one, so it’s important to treasure the more common and imperfect moments too.


Quality time は、愛する人と一緒に過ごす特別な時間のことです。よくQuality time は公園や海などに出かけたり、特別なことをする完璧で時間だと考えます。しかし、完璧にしないといけないというプレッシャーのあまり、大事な時間を楽しめなくなることがあります。なんでもない時間や完璧じゃない時間も大事にするべきですね。