Boss: “Step into my office, Jenkins. I want to have a word with you.”

“Having a word” means having a short conversation, but it is usually an important conversation. In this example, the boss asks Jenkins to come into his office, so it is a private conversation that his coworkers shouldn’t hear. Jenkins is probably feeling afraid that the boss will criticize him or give him bad news.


「Have a word」は短い会話をするということですが、通常は大事な話です。この例では、上司がオフィスに来るようにと言っているので、他の同僚に聞かれるべきではない話でしょう。ジェンキンズ君は今、批判されるのか、はたまた悪い知らせがあるのかと怖がっているでしょうね。