korien_feb4“My aunts showed us a slideshow of their vacation. It was like Chinese water torture.”

We describe something long and painfully boring by comparing it to “Chinese water torture”. Chinese water torture is a method of torture in which the victim is immobilized and water is steadily dripped onto them. A single water droplet is harmless, but being unable to avoid the constant drips becomes unbearable.


長くて苦痛なほどにつまらないことを Chinese Water Torture 「中国の水拷問」に例えます。この拷問は、被害者を動けないように固定し、定期的に水を一滴ずつ上から被害者に落とします。水一滴は無害ですが、長時間止まらない水を避けられないことが耐えられなくなってきます。