Tour bus driver: “Thank you for helping to change the tire.”
Tourist: “Well, we’re all in the same boat. I want to get back on the road as much as you do.”

When two or more people are in the same situation, they are said to be “in the same boat”. If two people are in a boat, then whatever happens to the boat affects them both in the same way. They should work together to stop the boat sinking or going over a waterfall. Similarly, when two people share any other situation, we say they are in the same boat.


2人以上が同じ状況にあるとき「同じ船に乗っている in the same boat」と言います。船に2人乗っていて、何かが起こった場合2人に同じ影響を及ぼします。船が沈んだり、滝から落ちたりしないように2人で協力するべきです。同じように、他の状況を分かち合う時は「同じ境遇にある they are in the same boat」といいます。