korien_dec10“I’m going to quit my job and become a professional ostrich trainer.”
“What? Do you have a screw loose?”

To have a screw loose is to be crazy. A machine whose parts are held together by screws doesn’t work quite right if one of the screws is loose. In this metaphor, the machine is your brain. When a screw is loose, your thoughts become strange and unpredictable.


a screw loose(ネジが緩んでいる)とは「狂っている」という事です。部品をネジで絞めている機械は、1つでもネジがゆるんでしまうと動きがおかしくなります。ここでは機械を人間の脳に例えています。ネジがゆるんでいると、考えることが変で気まぐれになります。