Korien_Feb6“I told the drama club I would write a script by this Friday, but I don’t have time. I really bit off more than I can chew.” 「ドラマ部に金曜日までに台本を書くと約束したのに無理だ。出来ないことを言ってしまった。」

キャンディーバーなどを欲張って大きく噛み取ったら実際噛むのが無理だったという経験はありませんか?成し得るには多すぎることや難しすぎることをやると決めた状況を「bitten off more than they can chew」と言います。

Have you ever taken a big bite of a candy bar or other food and then had trouble chewing it? We say someone has “bitten off more than they can chew” when they try to do something that is too hard or too much.