korien_dec8“Who’s a good dog? You get a treat!”
“I took the kids out for ice cream as a treat.”
“I treated my friend to pizza on his birthday.”

As a noun, a treat often means a sweet food, but it can mean any special food or experience, sometimes given as a reward. As a verb, it means to pay for something for someone else—an experience rather than a physical object. It’s common to treat someone to food or a movie. You can also treat yourself.


名詞としての treat は普通甘い食べ物ですが、ご褒美にもらえる特別な食べ物や経験という意味でも使えます。動詞としては、誰かに何かをおごると言ったように、物というよりも経験を意味します。食べ物や映画をおごることはよくありますね。自分へのご褒美という形でもよく使います。