tue_korien_may19_2“This bird is very rare. There are only a few left in the wild. We are very lucky today. It’s a rarity to see two of them together.”

Something that is very unusual and hard to find is rare. It’s also often valuable, such as a rare vase or a rare trading card. “Rarity” is the noun form: “John sang at karaoke yesterday. What a rarity! I’d never heard him sing before.”


珍しい、見つけにくいものは rare です。珍しい花瓶や入手困難なトレーディングカードなど、貴重という意味合いもよくあります。Rarity が名詞の形です。「昨日の夜、カラオケでジョンが歌ったよ。なんて珍しい!彼が歌ってるの初めて聞いた!」