“Did you make these sandwiches all by yourself?” Mom asked.

The boy nodded proudly.

Nodding is moving the head up and down. We usually use it to answer “yes” using body language and not words.

It can sometimes be used for other things. For example, when you fall asleep while sitting up, your head might droop down, straighten up, and finally fall down again. So we say, “She nodded off,” when someone falls asleep.




他のことにも使うことがあります。例えば、起きたまま(座ったまま)寝るときに、頭が無意識に下がって、ちょっと気が付いたら上がって、最後に下がってしまう。こうやって寝ると、「nodded off」(つい寝ちゃった)と言います。