Tour Guide: Only a handful of people have ever seen the view from this mountaintop. Wasn’t it worth the hike?

A handful is literally the amount that you can pick up in your hand. At Halloween, children may be invited to grab a handful of candy out of a bowl. But it is often used to mean “a few” or “a very small number”. A disobedient child can also be described as “a real handful”.


一握りは片手でつかめる数です。ハロウィーンでは、子供がお菓子をボウルから一握りだけ取るよう勧められることがあります。「少し」や「小さい数」という意味でもよく使われます。やんちゃな子どものことを「a real handful」(手に余る)と表現することがあります。