korien_sept15“He was carrying a suitcase.”
“She picked up the cat and carried him out of the kitchen.”

“Carry” can be similar to “hold”, but to carry something, you have to move while holding it. You can still say, “I saw him standing there. He was carrying a gun!” because he had the gun when he walked to the place where he is now standing. But if he walked there, picked up the gun, put it back down and walked away, you could say he held the gun but not that he carried it.


Carry は hold と似ていることがありますが、carry は何かを持って移動しないといけません。それでも「I saw him standing there. He was carrying a gun! 彼がそこに立っているのを見た。銃を持っていた!」と使えますが、そこに立つ前はそこまで歩いてきたはずだからです。もしそこまで歩いてきて、銃を拾って、また地面に置いて、歩いて去った場合は、hold とは言えても carry とは言えません。