hv35playtimechantVerbs are great for describing things you do or things you want to do. Let’s take a look at some playtime verbs in this week’s video!




Classroom Tip

This is the second chant in Happy Valley 3. With only 4 vocabulary, you have more time to enjoy the activities and play! Watch the video and do the gestures, then choose an activity and play! Students can choose or teacher can decide one activity before each class. If you choose “sing”, students can use play microphones and sing the Hello Song from Happy Valley 1 or another familiar song. If you choose “read”, find a book the students enjoy and read it. In the case of “build”, get some blocks and see how tall a tower the class can build. Finally, if you choose “dance”, put on a popular dance song and have a dance party.



ハッピーバレー3に出てくる2つ目のチャントです。たった4つの単語で、アクティビティーや遊びの時間をたっぷり楽しめますよ!動画を観てジェスチャーをしましょう。それからアクティビティーを選んで遊びましょう!アクティビティーは生徒に選ばせるか、先生が授業の始まる前に毎回決めます。「Sing」を選んだら、おもちゃのマイクを使ってハッピーバレー1の Hello Song など慣れている歌を歌いましょう。「Read」を選んだら、生徒の好きな本を読みましょう。「Build」の場合は積み木でどれだけ高いタワーを作れるか試してみましょう。「Dance」ならお気に入りの曲を流してダンスパーティーをしましょう。


At Home Tip

Do the same as the classroom tips. Have fun singing, reading, building and dancing with your child.





Please add your comments – What do you do? How did you find these tips? We’d love to see YOUR videos.

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