korien_jan21_unsplashWe often name types of science using the suffix “logy”. “Bio” means “life”, so biology is the study of life. “Geo” means “earth”, so geology is the study of rocks and earth. “Astro” means star, but astrology is the art of fortune-telling using the stars. Scientific study of the stars is called “astronomy”. You can add “ology” to anything to make a word that sounds like a science. For example, if you know a lot about cats, you could say you are an expert in “catology” as a joke. (However, “felinology” is a more accepted but still uncommon term for the study of cats.)

科学に関することに名前を付ける場合、語尾に logy をつけます。Bio は「生き物」ですので、biology は生物学です。Geo は「地」なので geology は地質学です。Astro は「星」ですが、astrology は星占いです。天文学は astronomy です。Ology を語尾に付けるとなんでも科学になります。例えば、猫に詳しいなら catology と言って、冗談で猫学の専門家だと言えますね。(猫学という単語があるとすれば、ラテン語の「猫」をとってfelinology と言う方が良いかもしれません)