aug20playingoutsideThis week’s video is a story! Kinka and Pinka are playing outside. Let’s practice talking about their toys and other things in the yard!


Classroom Tip
Storytime 3 is a chance to introduce the language students will focus on in this unit, including; How’s the weather? It’s sunny/cloudy/raining and the colours red, yellow, green, blue. In addition, What is it? is reviewed, adding new toy vocabulary: bicycle, ball, and car. As with the Unit 2 Storytime, before playing the audio version on the CD, have students watch the video. Then, do as usual, playing the CD and pointing out the important vocabulary. In the following lessons, either play the video only or the CD only. Before playing, ask students to point to things or say what objects they know, then do it again after. This gives students a chance to talk and show you what they are understanding. From now, always point out the weather at the start of class, asking students How’s the weather? If they can’t yet say it, let them choose between two. For example, Is it sunny or rainy? Use the flashcards until they are confident with the vocabulary.


At Home Tip
After playing the Hello Song, open the Happy Valley Student Book 1 to Unit 3 Storytime. Watch the video and then point to the objects they saw in the cartoon. Say the toys, count the flowers, identify the colors on the page and point out that the weather is cloudy. Comment on the weather where you live and point to the sky for them to see. While your child may not be able to say the new words at first, after a few times, they will be able to identify the objects. Turn to the next page and point to the same objects. Then, do the homework.

If you are not using the book yet, just listen to the story. Ask your child to find similar objects in or around their house. Say the colors, count objects try to find other objects of the same color or number. Talk about the weather each day. Ask your child, How’s the weather? If they can’t yet say it, let them choose between two. For example, Is it sunny or rainy? until they are confident.



Please add your comments – What do you do? How did you find these tips? We’d love to see YOUR videos.

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