“This is the last straw! I’ve had it!”

The last straw is the straw that broke the camel’s back. A camel can carry a lot, but if you keep adding straw it will eventually become too heavy. The last straw is the difference between a load of straw the camel can just barely carry and a load that is too heavy. We say something is the last straw when our frustration has been building up for a while and finally becomes intolerable.


「The last straw」は、「ラクダの背骨を折るわら」という意味です。

ラクダは背中にたくさんの荷物を乗せますが、わらを乗せ続けると重たくなります。最後の一本は、ラクダが何とか耐えれるか耐えられないかの差です。溜まった不満が耐えられなくなったことを「The last straw」と言います。