korien_oct15“Speaking of Joe, did you know his daughter graduated high school?”

“Speaking of cats, my friend is looking to adopt a kitten.”


We use “speaking of” to introduce a new topic that is related to something that has been mentioned. If the conversation turns to movies, you could say, “Speaking of movies, do you want to see the new superhero film this weekend?” If nobody has said anything about movies, then nobody was “speaking of movies”.





Speaking of は、その時の会話に関係する別の話題を話すときに使います。たとえば、会話に映画が出てくると、「映画といえば、今週末公開の新しいヒーロー映画をみにいかない?」といえます。誰も映画について話していない場合は「speaking of」と言えません。