“Are we still on for the movie tomorrow?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Something’s come up.”

When we have to cancel plans, we often say that “something has come up”. This means that something unforeseen happened that we have to prioritize over the plans we made with our friends. For example, we might have to cancel with a friend because we were asked to work overtime or attend a work-related event, or we need to go to the doctor, or take a family member to the doctor.



予定をキャンセルせざる得ないときによく使うフレーズ、「something has come up」。予想していなかったことが起き、それを友達との約束よりも優先しないといけない意味です。例えば、仕事での残業やイベント参加を頼まれたり、自分や家族が病院に行く必要ができた時は友達との予定をキャンセルしないといけません。