Younger Sister: “Look out, it’s an alien!”

Older Brother: “What? For real?”

Younger Sister: “No, Angela and I are just pretending to be astronauts.”

“For real” is the opposite of pretending. A child might have a tea party with her toys using toy food or food made of dirt and leaves, but she would only pretend to eat the food; she wouldn’t eat it for real. (Well, maybe some children would.)

“For real” can also be used as an expression of disbelief: “I can’t believe John proposed to her on their second date! Is he for real?”





「For real」はごっこ遊びの反対です。子供が人形でパーティーを開くとき、玩具の食べ物や、土と葉っぱでできた食べ物を使うことがありますが、食べるふりはしても、本当に食べません。(まあ、子供によりますが…)