“Can you work today? I heard you got hurt last weekend.”

“Oh, I’m fine. I had hurt my hand, but it got better.”

“Get better” can be used to describe almost any improvement. For example, when showing a movie you like to a friend, you might answer their complaint of, “This movie is really boring,” with, “Wait, it gets better.” But one of the most common uses is to indicate that an injury or disease has been healed.



「Get better(良くなる)」は色々な「良くなる」ことを表すことができます。例えば、好きな映画を友達に見せてあげて「この映画つまらない」と文句言われたら、「待ってて、これから良くなるんだ」と答えたりします。一般的に、病気や怪我が治ったときによく使われます。