“I was sure this was the right road, but I don’t see the Johnsons’ house.”
“Maybe it’s further down.”
“No, it’s a dead end. We’ll have to turn around.”

A dead end is a road that stops. You cannot go straight, you cannot turn right, and you cannot turn left. You have to turn around and go back the way you came.

Ironically, a dead end may be bad, but if you come to a bad end, you are dead. Someone who comes to a bad end dies, usually of unfortunate and avoidable circumstances.




皮肉なことに、行き止まり(dead end)は悪いことかもしれないが、悪い終末(bad end)にあったら、死んでしまいます。「Bad end」にあった人は不運な、もしくは避けることができたはずの理由で死んでしまうということです。