Commentator: “Normally I would expect the Tigers to win this game easily, but with their star player injured, all bets are off.”

When something unusual makes it impossible to predict what will happen, we say “all bets are off”. When you bet on a sport, you can see how much you will win according to the odds. The idea is that when something extraordinary happens, the odds because meaningless, and the bets are cancelled.


珍しいことが起こってどうなるか予想がつかないときは「all bets are off」と言います。スポーツで賭け事をすると、勝てばどれくらいもらえるかが賭け率でわかります。このフレーズでは、異常な状態が発生して賭け率が意味を失うので賭けは全部キャンセルされます。