“Then the dog’s leash got tangled in a lawn chair, which got dragged into the neighbor’s yard.”
“Really? That must have been funny.”
“Yeah, if my boss hadn’t been sitting in the chair.”
“Oh no!”
“And then the dog turned a corner and the chair and my boss went in the neighbor’s pool.”
“Well, that situation really snowballed out of control.”

In this story, a dog getting loose ends up with the owner’s boss being dunked in a pool. When a small mishap develops gradually into a large happening, we say it snowballed out of control. A snowball starts off small, but if it rolls down a snowy hill it can pick up more and more snow and become very large. On TV it always picks up skiers as well as snow.


これは、リードが離れてしまった犬が結局飼い主のボスをプールに落としてしまう話です。ちょっとした不運な出来事が徐々に大きな災難になっていくことを、「It snowballed out of control」と言います。雪玉(snowball)は最初は小さいですが、雪が積もっている丘を転がり落ちると、段々雪が付いて大きくなります。テレビではよくスキーをしている人も雪に巻き込まれます。