“Wow, I haven’t been here in ages! Everything looks different!”

“In ages” just means “in a very long time”. In the dictionary, an age is a long period of time, such as the Stone Age or the Bronze Age. We are exaggerating quite a lot when we use “ages” to mean a few hours (“The bus ride took ages!”) or a few years (“I haven’t seen him in ages!”).


「In ages」とは「すごく久しぶり」という意味です。辞書で調べると、「age 時代」は石器時代や青銅器時代などのとても長い期間と書いています。「バスに乗ったけどすごい時間がかかった!」、「すごく久しぶりに彼を見た」など、数時間や数年間の事に「in ages」を使うのはちょっと大げさですけどね。