korien_mar30_pixabay“He used to work in the mail room, but now he’s a senior manager. He’s really come up in the world.”


In the world there are many positions and jobs. Those with more power, prestige or money are considered “higher” so as you gain more power or a better job, you move “up”. When someone has a lot more power or prestige than they used to, we say they’ve “come up in the world”.




世界にはたくさんの仕事や立場がありいます。権力、地位、お金が多いのは「上」とされていますので、もっと良い地位や仕事につくと「上に上がっていく」ことになります。前と比べてとても良い地位や仕事にいる人は「come up in the world」と言います。