I love doing flyers. It was hot and I was up early today – I slept on the sofa at school. Then I met the team and we handed out over 1,500 flyers. Good job!

The reason I love it is because we can make it fun. If we smile at people and they react, smile back and say ‘Good Morning’, we all feel much better.

Then we dance about a bit, run along with people as they hurry to work, and try to make them smile and take a flyer. It’s really good fun.

The best bit for me, though, is I always see lots of people I know. I’ve been in this area for 18 years and know a lot of people. Today I saw lots of students, and also two ex-students I haven’t see for about 12 or 13 years. Horita-san! Kokoro-chan! – it was great to see you. I hope you are both well.

Thanks to everyone who took a flyer and to Keihan Railway for getting us all to work safely. Many thanks for all the smiles and wishes of ‘Good Morning!’ Many thanks to the flyer team. And most of all, many, many thanks to all our students, past and present.