The first Modern English franchise started in Neyagawa, Osaka, in 1998, as one sole-trader-teacher advertising in local magazines and teaching students in a classroom in his apartment. The teacher spoke Japanese and answered all telephone enquiries, though realized professional sales and telephone staff were needed if the school was ever to take off.

Modern English Yugen Gaisha was incorporated and capitalised at JPY 3,000,000, staff hired and the company moved into premises near the station.

Modern English now has multiple schools, teaches corporate classes on- and off-site and via the internet, publishes learning materials in print and via apps, provides a book packaging service and has an annual consolidated revenue of around US$1,250,000. The original sole-trader-teacher is now CEO.


Modern English is committed to giving value for money. As providers of a service, our aim is to offer what we look for as consumers. Competitively priced, we charge tuition fees at the end of the month. Our students can be satisfied that if they are not happy with what they are paying for, they can leave. We don’t tie anyone into long, expensive contracts.

As English is the common language of the world, we believe that Japanese can benefit from speaking English, whether at work, while travelling, talking to friends, looking for a new job or to retain a skill that already has a lot of time and money invested in it.


Our teaching staff are all qualified, experienced, fully-trained teachers who provide students something new to take home every lesson, whether it’s a new grammar point, ten new words written on a picture or an explanation of something they wanted to ask.

Our reception staff all speak English and have experience living, working and studying in foreign countries and are thus able to consult with and advise our students on any concerns they may have.


We offer a flexible make-up system so that if students are unable to come to class, they don’t lose any money.

Where available, we offer our teachers free Japanese lessons to help them understand mother tongue interference and better appreciate the students’ difficulties mastering a foreign language and culture.


Through our franchise system, we offer teachers the chance to have a modicum of independence while enjoying full professional support. This enables them to develop relationships with their students, allowing them to better teach to their students’ needs, while enjoying a high degree of professional and financial freedom.

An independent, foreign-owned, monthly-fee, private school, we rely on keeping our students to maintain our income. We pride ourselves on our ‘at-home’ atmosphere, open-door policy and position in the community. We are small and accessible but big enough to offer full support.

At Modern English we welcome all enquiries of any kind.


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